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Winter Park, Florida

VALiNTRY Services
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Joe Parris, co-founder of VALiNTRY Services, which was recently named one of GrowFL's Companies To Watch for 2016, is a serial entrepreneur in the staffing space who started VALiNTRY for the chance to innovate again. "When we sold our travel therapy staffing company, we sold to a company that is owned by the largest IT staffing company in world and we stayed on to manage our division," Parris said. "However, we lost all our resources and ability to innovate. We believe innovation is the lifeblood of any organization and you are either growing or dying as a company and because we were no longer able to innovate and grow, we decided to move on."

VALiNTRY Services is a consulting and staffing firm serving the IT, Accounting, Finance and Healthcare verticals. "VALiNTRY Service really is a technology company that does staffing," said Parris. "We have a technology machine called V-FITT system; it's a super-charged amalgamation of automated intelligence, digital marketing and predictive analytics that enables us to find very niche talent throughout the United States. We can bring expert consultants and candidates in certain fields into local markets whereas much of our competition looks only in the local market."

Parris is both honored and inspired by GrowFL's Companies To Watch award. "We're honored to be recognized by such a reputable group as GrowFL that is dedicated to supporting growing companies in Florida," he said. "When I researched past winners, I personally was humbled to be considered in the ranks of such successful companies. It inspires the entire VALiNTRY team to live up to the standard of GrowFL and focus our resources to continue to grow, create jobs and thrive in the future."

Parris offers three points of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. "One is when adding team members, find individuals who align with and share the same values as the organization," he said. "Two is when you are a startup, everyone in the organization regardless of who you are has to sell - the company, the service offerings, etc. and tap into their personal relationships and network. Our mottos is everyone sells and everyone recruits. Three is you must have adequate startup capital to cash flow the business and good banking relationships. Too many entrepreneurs start companies without realizing how much capital resources it takes to sustain the venture to get to the three year milestone."


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