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Johan Axelsson co-founded LeanSwift, recently named one of GrowFL's Companies To Watch for 2016, as his "second time around" launching a company and he is intent on bettering his prior startup. In 2000, Axelsson co-founded a startup in Sweden providing software services for manufacturing distribution companies. He operated it for 10 years before selling his stake in the firm. Now he is in Cocoa Beach with LeanSwift in the same industry but with a new approach.

"We are taking it one step further," Axelsson said. "The key thing we are focused on right now is e-commerce and mobile apps for manufacturing distribution companies. We have taken the concept and deployed it to B2B relationships. Previously, after a business submitted a purchase order, it sort of disappeared into a black hole and you had to wait to see when it would be fulfilled. We're bringing the now familiar retail type transparency and tracking to businesses."

That new strategy is built on the foundation of LeanSwift's core business of helping clients improve distribution, warehousing and order processing. "Our deep supply chain expertise sets us apart," Axelsson said. "Knowing our customers' industries and being able to provide mobile and ecommerce solutions is our differentiator."

Axelsson advises aspiring entrepreneurs to identify their key differentiator. "You have to have something that makes you stand out," he said. "Try to define a small market and become the market leader. But pay attention to how you define your market. You can choose the goal of becoming the largest lemonade seller in the world or just in your city. That changes the odds of success. Don't try to be everything to everyone."
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