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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Jonathan Broder, founder of VortexLegal, knew from an early age that he wanted to travel the path of entrepreneurship.

"Entrepreneurship has always been in my blood," he said. "My dad was an entrepreneur and my grandfather was an entrepreneur. I initially went the traditional route of college and law school, but I worked at late stage venture capital firm after law school so I could learn about that world. It was then that I knew I'd have to give this law thing a try, but that I would figure out something entrepreneurial. I only practiced law for two years before launching my first business. That business ultimately failed, which was a great lesson. Then I became a legal recruiter. Not long thereafter, I launched my own recruiting company. It slowly evolved into this hearing-attendance business because I thought there was a real need for this service.

VortexLegal is a digital platform that provides local attorneys to stand in for other lawyers who cannot be present at a hearing because of time or distance issues.

"We've had 400% year over year growth. We are self-funded, and for the first time we are looking for outside capital to grow because we have much larger vision for what we want to do," Broder explained. "Law firms are not really our competition because we are identifying how we can help them grow and expand their coverage to service their clients in the most efficient way possible. Our clients are looking for an enterprise solution that is nationwide with IT infrastructure and support."

Broder's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to read anything by Malcom Gladwell and learn deeply about a particular industry so you identify problems to solve.

"Entrepreneurs have to look at the world differently and that's what Gladwell does," he said. "If you want to be an entrepreneur, learn an area and get a solid foundation in something and then look at processes and procedures to see where you can improve on it. That’s where you'll find success because you're a subject matter expert with a better way to do something."


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