Jordan Schild

Bunnell, Florida

Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Jordan Schild:

Jordan Schild, founder of Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks, is a driven entrepreneur who is passionate not only about his business but also about helping his clients succeed in theirs.

"We sent a food truck to a young woman in Tulsa last year for a job we got through Facebook," Schild said. "We built her an 18-foot truck and made her a deal to fit her budget. She never saw the truck until she came down to see the finished product. When she saw it, she broke down in tears because she was so overjoyed with what we had created. That was tremendously satisfying for us. My dream is to always help my customer realize their dream."

Serving other small businesses is deeply ingrained in the DNA of Sizemoore Ultimate Food Trucks. "We are a food truck manufacturing facility specializing in helping small businesses get started," Schild explained. "We started as, and still are, a family business making better food trucks for lower prices than anyone in the country. We do it for $20-30,000 cheaper because we have our own metal fabrication facility to make everything instead of buying parts to install."

Schild's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to avoid underestimating the hard work startups require and take care of the details yourself.

"Don't listen to people who have been doing it for 30 years and say it's easy," he said. "The first year is the hardest of your life. You'll miss smiles and kids learning to walk. After that, things will turn around. Work extremely hard in the first year and have a partner that understands how hard you'll have to work. If you build something, then make sure you see every piece that is part of the product. Don’t rely on other people to build your business. It's long hours but one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do in your life."


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