Jose Luis Dieppa

Orlando, Florida

JLD Communications
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Born and raised in Puerto Rico, José Luis Dieppa, Owner of JLD Communications, moved with his mother to Orlando at the age of 14. After studying Radio and Television Broadcasting, Dieppa spent 12 years as a journalist for various local and national stations and news outlets. Following the Pulse Nightclub shooting in June 2016, a story he covered as a journalist, he needed a break. For Dieppa, the opportunity to reset and reflect set the stage for a pivotal turn in his career.

"Someone approached me about helping them with a PR campaign," he said. "I didn't know much about public relations, but I said, 'Okay, let's do it'. I ended up falling in love with it. So much that I went back to school and got a degree in Communications and Public Relations."

Dieppa spent time with three different marketing agencies in Orlando before the COVID-19 Pandemic struck. In his last position he, was laid off. Fortunately for Dieppa, he was prepared.

"For the past couple of years, people would always ask why I never started my own agency," he said. "To be honest, I wasn't sure. I went back and forth on the idea for a while. In the months leading up to my lay off, however, I did start the process of researching the possibility. I looked at the market and what other agencies were offering. I did a business plan and really thought about how I could set myself apart from the competition. By the time I was laid off in March, even though I was anxious and scared, I was ready to go on my own."

Despite being fearful of the unknown and questioning if the timing is right, Dieppa is confident that, during these uncertain times, communication is key. He also sees plenty of opportunities for those businesses that are adapting and keeping their customers informed to take their business to the next level. As Dieppa shared, JLD Communications is in a great position to assist in their efforts.

"As a boutique public relations firm, we are dedicated to our clients’ success, image and reputation," he said. "We provide public relations counsel, strategic communications and event planning. We also provide the following services: public relations, media relations, media training, strategic planning, translations services, event services, social media support and more."

Dieppa continued, "What makes us unique is that we help the brands we work with tell their story through a multicultural and effective public relations approach that drives measurable results. Our unique approach to media relations provides excellent results to our clients. Everyone has a story to tell, JLD Communications finds the right person to tell the story."

Dieppa explained that his growth strategy centers on collaboration. In the coming months, he'll also look to expand his network by joining various chambers throughout Central Florida.

"I believe we're all here with a mission to provide a service to others while making a living," he said. "Working together and collaborating will benefit everyone. Over the years, I've worked with a wide range of industries. I plan to identify certain industries to target and, within those industries, certain brands to reach out to. Together, we can team up, complement each other's skills and go after certain accounts together."

For Dieppa, being able to find stories to tell in a creative way provides a great deal of satisfaction. As a former journalist, his passion is to tell stories. Everyone has one, however, according to Dieppa, they don't always know how to tell that story and that's his role. It brings him joy to get to know his clients and to find the right outlet for their story. Public Relations is all about communication – something Dieppa loves and takes great pride in.

Looking ahead, Dieppa's goal for JLD Communications is to grow and help other businesses achieve their goals. He also wants to build a community based on a collaboration of each other's strengths. His receipt for success comes down to collaboration and empowerment.

What advice does Dieppa have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "For so many years I did not take the step to become an entrepreneur, however, recently I did," he said. "Everyone has the potential to do something. My advice is to have the following: drive, determination, consistency and faith. Preparation is also a must. Lastly, build a group of people who can provide you with advice and honest feedback."


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