Juha Mikkola

Miami, Florida

Wyncode Academy
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Juha Mikkola, co-founder of Wyncode Academy, moved to Miami with his wife and co-founder Johanna Mikkola, to be part of growing the South Florida entrepreneur and tech ecosystem. Along the way, they grew Wyncode Academy to the point it attracted large international investors.

"Wyncode Academy is an accelerated learning program teaching coding and business skills related to startup companies in an immersive full-time program," he explained "In 10 weeks, we take beginners who knew no coding and get them ready to work as web developers. We have 400 graduates hired by 190 different companies and almost 50 companies have hired a second Wyncoder, meaning they value our graduates."

Juha Mikkola is a serial entrepreneur who is comfortable operating in vastly different industries. "I realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur studying business in college," Mikkola said. "I loved working on projects that seemed difficult to others. My first business was around a sport called floorball that’s popular in Finland and Sweden and similar to hockey. I played it as a youth in Finland and wanted to bring it to Canada. Scaling that business was extremely difficult. Eventually, I enrolled in coding school myself because I saw how successful our ecommerce was performing. There, I saw an opportunity to create a better coding school so we started one in Miami and eventually I sold my floorball company. All our first graduates got jobs quickly and we saw it was a model we could double down on."

That professional reinvention is at the heart of Mikkola's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. "Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself," he said. "My nickname was Mr. Floorball because that's all I did. Don't be afraid to do something different because now is best time ever to start your own business especially if you incorporate technology into it. You have incredible opportunity to get a good idea out to billions of users. Also, think about where to launch. Doing something in a market that’s not known for technology like Miami can be a challenge, but it can also be great because you'll be part of creating an ecosystem."


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