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Edgewater, Florida

Kaiyah Bean Counting
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Kaiyah Bean:

After witnessing first-hand the struggles a friend experienced with the financial aspect of his business, Kaiyah Bean, Owner of Kaiyah Bean Counting, was inspired to launch a virtual bookkeeping business. Bean shared the story behind her journey and explained how utilizing her services saves business owners time and money and eliminates unnecessary stress.

"It's sad to see business owners work their life away and have no time for themselves," she said. "My friend would work all day and do his books at night. That really opened my eyes to a very common struggle experienced by many owners."

Through Bean's virtual bookkeeping services, she's able to provide profit and loss statements, balance sheets, bank reconciliations and more. With a passion for helping others, an approachable personality, a love of math and formal bookkeeping training, Bean is well positioned to stand out amongst the competition.

"I am not your usual accountant type that is boring with no personality," she said. "I'm an honest person and I am not just trying to make a buck. I truly want to help my clients save time and money. I am a real person and not a machine so I can offer much more value than a robot could. I'm also one class away from an advanced bookkeeping certificate and one semester away from getting an Accounting Certificate. I'm well versed in Bookkeeping and I'm very confident in my abilities."

Bean, who enjoys number crunching, data entry and the opportunity to change business owner's lives, has partnerships with payroll providers, tax advisors and belongs to a network of fellow bookkeepers. She's grown her business through a combination of networking and social media marketing.

Looking ahead, Bean's ultimate goal is to turn Kaiyah Bean Counting into a million dollar business. She'd like to help as many business owners as possible. As Bean shared, there's more to life than work. "Opening a business should not mean you have to spend all your time working. We have to enjoy life as well."

What advice does Bean have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "My best advice is to get your mindset right," she said. "Without a good mindset, you will never make it. It's not easy and you will want to give up but you can't. Always remember your reason why you started the business in the first place and make sure you can see that vision clearly."


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