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Windermere, Florida

K Capital Group
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Kamran Farid, founder of K Capital Group, is leveraging his success as a serial entrepreneur to now invest in and help other startups. Farid launched and grew Edible Arrangements nationwide to the $600 million business it is today.

While he retains a board seat and an ownership stake in the company, he also turned over day to day control after striking a deal with a private equity firm to purchase a portion of the company. Now, Farid enjoys helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

"K Capital Group helps entrepreneurs who are trying to build their business into a brand," he explained. "We like to invest in entrepreneurs who have a track record of growing successful businesses. My goal is to help them grow into brands. I like to partner with those who have had some success, and, through my expertise and investment, help them grow. We're not private equity here to give them money only. We're here to be partners side-by-side with them."

Farid's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to simply start. He also recommends reading the book Traction by Gino Wickman. "The biggest thing is just do it," he said. "Start it instead of looking to raise money first. Start the company and get it going. The most prevalent challenge I see is over analyzing and spending money on business plans and theory instead of actually starting the business. Don't try to make it perfect first."
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