Karen Marshall

Mount Dora, Florida

Karen Marshall Health Coaching
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Karen Marshall, founder of Karen Marshall Health Coaching, learned a healthy living program that helped her so much that she left a successful insurance career to help others achieve the success she found.

"I was working in corporate America in insurance stressing all the time and making unhealthy choices," she said. "I was gaining weight and my doctor said if I didn't lose weight I would become diabetic. A friend shared with me her optimal health program and I decided to try it. I lost 60 pounds in five and a half months, improved my health and immediately decided to become a health coach."

Marshall helps people create healthy lives by using a structured eating plan and lifestyle program. "My mission is to help people achieve health through weight loss and the development of healthy habits necessary for lifelong success," she said. "I find out what you want, what your goals are and what is important to you. Then I share what we have to offer to see if it's the right fit for you. I'm also a certified health coach from the MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education at the Villanova University College of Nursing."

Marshall recommends aspiring entrepreneurs read Jeff Olson's The Slight Edge, which is about doing the small things day in and day out to make your business successful because no business succeeds based on one decisive action or moment. "I make sure I do five business building activities everyday," she said. "Aspiring entrepreneurs should find out why they want to do what they want to do, what they want to accomplish in what timeframe and then make a plan and always work with a mentor. Nothing happens without the phone. You can't build a business just texting and posting on Facebook."


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