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Tampa, Florida

Biz Women Rock!
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Katie Krimitsos:

Katie Krimitsos, founder of Biz Women Rock!, is a passionate community builder who empowers women to succeed in business.

"Biz Women Rock! is an online community that gathers very action-oriented entrepreneurial women from around the world and my job as its creator and leader is to provide resources that will have a direct impact on my women's business," she said. "The resources are podcasts, 1-on-1 coaching for women who are looking for customized support on taking their business from point A to point B, customized programs on particular topics and lastly, live events."

Krimitsos launched her business in 2014 and grew it to the point that she held her first retreat in 2016 with two more planned for 2017. "The retreats are a chance for business women to come together live with others who are growing their businesses to learn about particular topics and to create action plans," she said. "It's a place for these women to utilize each other, plug into other women who are on the entrepreneurial journey, share advice and support each other."

Biz Women Rock! is more than live event retreats. It is a welcoming worldwide community that values and promotes connectivity and support in its membership. "Anyone who's running a business can give themselves 1,000 excuses for why they can't do something," Krimitsos said. "I have every excuse to not grow this and make a big impact on this world - I have a toddler running around in background. Our community helps each other move beyond excuses because you can create anything you want to create."

Krimitsos's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to simply begin your journey. "Just get started because you'll never have it all figured out, and even if you do, it will all change," she said. "There is no substitute for action. You're only going to learn and grow when you take action so just started."


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