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Deltona, Florida

Global City Social Media Marketing
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Katie Moseman, founder of Global City Social Media Marketing, saw her opportunity to launch a business in the social media space as a result of starting a previous business.

"I was a public school teacher and took time off to be with my two daughters," she said. "During that time, I decided to use the technology skills I developed as a teacher and librarian to start my own business so I became a blogger. With blogging, I learned lots of social media skills. I started offering that to local businesses and it developed from there into Global City Social Media Marketing."

Moseman focuses her business on providing the customized service that only a local service provider can. "We help businesses use social media to find and retain customers and our differentiator is that we work with local businesses," she explained. "Although there are other agencies, they are at-a-distance call centers across the country and don't know the community their clients are working in. I understand my clients' community because I live here as well. I retained my first client after a presentation I gave on social media at the Deltona Library. A businessman approached me immediately afterwards and retained my services. His decision was based solely on the strength and value of the information I gave during the presentation."

Moseman's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to seize the day. "Don't wait," she said. "Do it now. I've found many times I wished I started sooner. I would be in better position now if I had done started my business even a few years before I did."
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