Kelly Hill

Orlando, Florida

Sales Advisors of Florida
Personal LinkedIn Profile

What is your company description and what makes your company unique?

We are sales consultants who help companies grow by developing and implementing a customized sales approach that results in a sustainable boost to revenues. We fix what's not working or build a new sales approach from the ground up. Then, we manage the execution of the plan until we hire our replacement. You don't have to do the work - we do it for you.

How did you get into entrepreneurship?

After many years working in sales and procurement for the span of large corporations to family owned businesses, I decided I wanted to help smaller companies grow. It made sense to focus on helping them build sales infrastructure and optimizing their sales teams, after many years in sales leadership positions.

Why do you do what you do?

I do it because I am good at it and because I sleep well at night knowing I help people who want to grow and succeed. I become a partner and a growth agent to my clients.

What tools, resources or books have you used to start and/or grow your business?

There are a lot of good resources and books out there, but for me, the biggest secret to my success is sponsoring and providing leadership to GrowFL. GrowFL's mission is to help second stage companies grow and what I offer syncs up perfectly to their mission.

Why did you choose to locate your business in Florida?

I've lived in Florida for 20 years.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Take the time to learn about all of the business growth accellerators and resources that are available to help you at every stage of your business' growth.

How can other entrepreneurs help you?

Get to know what we do to help our clients. Collaborate. Engage. Share learnings.


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