Kim Brown

Melbourne, Florida

Boys Electrical Contractors
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Kim Brown, President of Boys Electrical Contractors, which is a GrowFL 2017 Florida Companies to Watch honoree, likes to say she is the girl at Boys.

"I'm a woman in construction and that generally doesn’t happen," she said. "It especially doesn't happen with our growth trajectory in the electrical field."

Boys Electrical is a full-service commercial electrical contractor in Central Florida specializing in large commercial, industrial, retail, educational and healthcare facilities.

"We're empowered to find solutions in the field," Brown explained. "Each employee is empowered to find those solutions. We've been able to grow because of our people. In this world of shortages of skilled tradesman, it's difficult to find the best talent. We've done that by creating an environment where they feel they belong, and it’s personal. It helps that they then trust us enough to bring their qualified friends. We hired 44 people this year, 29 of whom are referrals, and we don't pay any recruiting incentives."

Brown is proud on several levels that Boys Electrical was named a GrowFL Company To Watch.

"It means a lot and we're completely honored and proud," she said. "It's validating that someone has seen what we've been doing and seen that it mattered. It's gratifying and fulfilling even. It's encouragement to keep it going and growing, to keep doing the things we're doing. We'll use it to keep growing for the guys and the future employees and the customers. It's very satisfying and we're very proud."

Brown's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to read Traction, Good to Great and Extreme Ownership.

"Remember you're running a business," she said. "A lot of entrepreneurs have very high-end talent and expertise, which is what you build around, but remember you're running a business. Have a strong support system. If you're juggling too many parts of life and don’t have support, it gets very hard. You've got to have a good structure around you. Also, go with your gut. If you're feeling it, it probably is right, if not, it's probably wrong."


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