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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Kimi and Kenny Ayers:

Kimi Ayers, owner of O2 Wizard, first moved to New Smyrna Beach in 1982. She’s a country girl who spent much of her life on a farm in Upstate New York. From New Smyrna Beach, she relocated to Ocala, FL, for several years where she founded several businesses and also started working as a Business Broker. It was in this line of work where Ayers discovered an opportunity to start a new business that would bring her back to New Smyrna Beach.

“Growing up, I always knew I wanted to own a business,” she said. “In Ocala, I had a salon, a beauty school and an adventure club. After I sold the salon and the beauty school, I took a job as a business broker. I had some un-impressive experiences with business brokers and I knew I could do it better. I ended up recruiting a friend that I met in real estate school and the two of us quickly became the “curly haired duo”. We ended up setting all sorts of records for selling businesses.”

While living in Ocala and working as a business broker, Ayers met a gentleman in the mold removal and remediation business. He consulted with her about how to sell territories and, over the course of their discussions, Ayers became extremely interested in his business and the industry as a whole. In fact, she was so interested, she decided to buy into it.

“The Volusia County territory was available,” Ayers said. “In 2007, I moved back and purchased the territory and officially launched O2 Wizard. My business is similar to a franchise model, but there are no franchise fees.”

O2 Wizard resolves Mold, Odor and Sick Building Syndrome in about a day, using the most advanced and only patented technology in the industry. Most of their clients save 50-75% cost from other Remediation companies. If there is no structure damage, they can usually save walls, flooring, furnishings, etc. Their machines are even powerful enough to sanitize HVAC systems and ducts.

According to Ayers, Poor indoor air quality contributes to 200 health issues! “We turn the most toxic environment into the healthiest air you can breathe. We are here to help!”

O2 Wizard is also unique compared to other mold remediation and removal companies. As Ayers shared, their services go well beyond just mold.

We eliminate much more than just mold,” she said. “Sick Building Syndrome pollutants we destroy include mold, mildew, pollen, bacteria, smoke odors, dust, pet accidents, pet dander, bug droppings, pesticide residue, foggers, bombs, decaying bug carcasses, dust mites, decomposition, sewage back up, viruses, legionella, musty odors, formaldehyde (in building materials), off gassing / Benzene / Petroleum (in household items), smoke, Sulphur, meth, nitrogen oxides (in some HVAC - UV lights & air purifiers), volatile organic compounds & more chemicals we work with. Over 50% of homes have mold & indoor contaminants!”

Ayers met her husband, Pastor Kenny, a year after starting the business and he eventually went from managing 1,000 people as an Engineer/Plant Manager, to working with Kimi in her business. She giggled as she said, "I'm sure the 1,000 people was easier to manage then trying to manage me!"

They are affectionately called “Mr. & Mrs. Mold & Mildew.” They work hard to provide their clients with a superior service and exceptional customer service. They’ve even developed a strong reputation within the industry. The manufacturer has made O2 Wizard the exclusive distributor of territories throughout the country and even the world.

“Growing up, I NEVER wanted to be a writer, but somehow, I have several articles and books published. As a teen, I became a relationship coach to many of my friends and a match-maker. I even matched my parents up with their spouses. My latest book is 'A Gal’s Guide to becoming Happily UnSingle'. I love it each time I learn the book helped a female cultivate a wonder relationship!”

Ayers and her husband Kenny both have a tendency to be workaholics. Ayers is following her family ancestry and has been looking at homes to buy and renovate in their 'spare' time since they both have construction experience.

Looking ahead, Ayers, who loves helping people around the world start their businesses and helping clients improve the health of their homes, is focused on helping more people get into the business.

What advice does Ayers have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Listen to people that are willing to share good advice,” she said. “Also, make sure you do all you can to ensure your clients are happy.”


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