Kris White

Port Charlotte, Florida

Bull Bagger

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Kris White:

Kris White founded Bull Bagger after noticing University of South Florida students traveling to class on foot or by bus and wondering if they found shopping for groceries difficult. Since the USF mascot is a bull, White named his new grocery delivery service Bull Bagger. "I was delivering groceries in Tampa for about a year until one day realizing I needed to take this business model to my hometown since there's a huge need for helping seniors and the disabled."

Launched in 2014, Bull Bagger has grown to doing a few orders a day with regular customers in Charlotte County. "I've partnered up with a couple pharmacies doing prescription deliveries as well," he explained. "I figured this is a good way of acquiring new customers for my business and I also help the customers kill two birds with one stone."

Bull Bagger boasts multiple differentiators. "I don't markup grocery prices and don't have a membership fee like my competition," White said. "My clients don't have to pay in advance and they don't have to put their credit card information online. My clients love that I don't markup the grocery prices because they like using their coupons and buy one, get one free offers."

White's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be persistent and stay patient. "Entrepreneurship is hard work," he said. "You don't become a millionaire in a week because of an idea. You have to take that idea and put it to work and make sure people will buy it. I didn't get my first customer for five months. That concerned me but I kept at it. Now, not only am I helping seniors, but also big families, pregnant women, and people who don't have time to shop or simply hate shopping. You will eventually get more and more customers if you grind everyday."


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