Krystal Hagi

Bunnell, Florida

KRH Technologies
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Krystal Hagi:

Krystal Hagi, founder of KRH Technologies, was introduced to entrepreneurship by her family as a youth. After more than a decade working for others, she decided to strike out on her own to fulfill a lifelong desire to run her own business.

"My father was an entrepreneur for my entire life," she said. "I worked with him and he taught me a lot about what it means to be a business owner. After working for others, I decided to take the chance to own my own business so I went for it because I knew it was now or never. I wanted a business I could build in a sustainable way and since tech is something that touches every business and every person, it’s a more profitable, long term model in my eyes. It also helps that I studied computer engineering."

KRH Technologies offers a wide variety of services including repairs on computers, phones, and tablets, plus network assistance and web design.

"We provide a vintage style customer service to a digital modern world," Hagi explained. "We're a one-stop-shop for repairing anything whether at home or you bring it in. If its broke, we'll fix it. We also do website design and rebranding and come out to set up home theaters or security systems and show you how to use them. Customer service is this mythical thing nowadays, and I'm here to provide a very personalized customer service to my customers so not only do they get quality work but I want them to know I'm always there to help them."

Hagi's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that you have to be tough to be an entrepreneur.

"It's definitely not easy, but you can't give up just because it doesn't happen overnight," she said. "Being a successful entrepreneur takes a long time to get to the point where you're established and making money. You're paying to work while you're establishing yourself. It's hard and you want to give up at times, but you have to push through that and keep going to be successful."


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