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Kyle Pierce, founder of Pickk, grew up in the football crazy state of Nebraska challenging himself to correctly predict what each next play would be. With Pickk, he has taken his personal challenge to the masses and enabled fans to compete against each other to see who has the most predicting prowess.

"Pickk is a live sports prediction app available on Apple and Android systems," he said. "While you watch live sports, you predict what will happen in the game. It will prompt you to answer what the next play will be. There's no planning to do before the game - all you do is watch the game and play along."

No money is wagered in the app, but there are prizes given out on during specific games based on the best aggregate performances over the course of the entire game. "The long term vision is to provide the ability for you to play during any live TV event like The Oscars or Grammys or even the growing area of e-sports," Pierce explained. "It's really about being able to predict live and not so much about a single sport."

Pierce's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to get started today and persevere beyond your point of comfort. "It's just about getting started," he said. "There are so many things that can discourage you from starting or continuing. I'm a big believer in the lean startup method of building a minimum viable product to validate your concept. It's important to keep going at least a couple extra month past when you think you should."
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