LaToya Carey

South Daytona, Florida

Kenneth Grant Inzpirations
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur LaToya Carey:

James and LaToya Carey are everyday entrepreneurs. This husband and wife duo both worked traditional jobs for a number of years, but in 2016 they decided to officially launch their entrepreneurial pursuits, which up until that time, had just been a hobby. With young sons, Kenneth and Grant, serving as daily inspirations, James and LaToya decided to name their business after them. Kenneth Grant Inzpirations was born from a combination of a greater need for creative expression and an entrepreneurial heart. KGI focuses its efforts on helping small businesses with needed marketing tools including photography, graphic design, and branding.

Before entering the world of entrepreneurship and business, LaToya worked as a banker for 14 years. LaToya mentioned, “I recall coming home one afternoon distraught and deeply disheartened. I needed immediate change and I knew my life's purpose included more than what I was currently doing.” James whose background is in film and audio/video production was also ready for a change. That same day, James and LaToya put a transitional plan in place and took the leap 10 months later (as full-time entrepreneurs that is). Since then, they have never looked back!

Though James and LaToya have been married for 18 years, working together as business partners presented a new opportunity for growth. LaToya serves as the Creative Director for KGI and James serves as the Creative Designer. They are currently enjoying learning each other in this new season together.

KGI has grown through developing an authentic social presence, connecting with individuals and businesses in the community, and offering premier services to clients. The couple encourages others who desire to pursue entrepreneurship to have the courage to write down your vision, pursue it one step at a time, and never allow your dream to die. They seek to inspire others with their story.

As KGI continues to grow, owners James and LaToya envision their business providing branding workshops for the business community, offering mentorship to startups who lack the capital to brand themselves properly, and ultimately function on a national platform by working alongside various Fortune 500 companies.


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