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Following a 22 year career as an Officer in the United States Navy with stops in places such as Virginia, Rhode Island, Texas, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Washington, D.C., Leon Jablow IV, Founder of IV Consulting Group, spent six years in North Carolina before relocating to the Sunshine State. Jablow started his post-military career doing Business Development work for a defense contractor. He eventually moved into the consulting world and did Change Management, Leadership Development and Advisory Services work with firms like Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services and North Highland. As Jablow shared, when several opportunities intersected, he moved his family to the Tampa Bay area in 2019 and shortly after began his entrepreneurial journey.

“I was also given an opportunity to work remotely and we had friends in the area. When we first got here, I was still doing business development work, but I also started to lay the groundwork for my business. I set aside the capital I would need and worked though the necessary paperwork and licensing,” he said.

Jablow continued, “Coming into a new area and not having a well-developed network of other professionals to speak with and get advice from was difficult. For me, what helped to kick start that process was joining Pasco County’s SMARTstart program. I also joined a BNI group, the Pasco County Chamber and a local Project Management Institute network.”

Jablow’s business, IV Consulting Group, is a Management Consulting Firm with service lines that include, Leadership Development, Organizational Change Management (OCM), Advisory Services, Facilitation, Training and Coaching, Research and Analysis and Project Planning and Management. According to Jablow, each service line is equally important and they combine to provide clients a full range of tools to achieve success.

“Our Leadership Development line is provided as Academy Leadership, which is based on leadership principals developed for military leaders at the Naval Academy and West Point,” Jablow said. “Our OCM practice is based on Prosci and ADKAR methods, but shaped uniquely to each client. Advisory Services and coaching are relationship-based approaches to working with individuals and teams to develop goal oriented and sharply focused behaviors. Our Research and Analysis is a mixed methodology of qualitative and quantitative tools that are used to assess our client’s needs. Facilitation and Training are delivery mechanisms to work with our clients, while Project Management and Planning are tools that assist in guiding long term success.”

Jablow added, “IV Consulting Group is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and Florida Veteran Business Enterprise. Those are labels that classify the company. What really makes IV-CG unique is the focus on service by providing professionalism, quality and consistency to our clients and customers to help them succeed. With a background of more than 20 years in the military and nearly ten years as a business executive and consultant, I have worked globally across industries, cultures and circumstances. What that brings is a unique set of experiences and perspectives that help to identify and isolate issues and challenges while providing options and recommendations for solutions. We are industry agnostic, but people-centric. Ultimately, the people in an organization solve problems and achieve success. Setting the conditions for success and for people to succeed is the real challenge. That is where we focus.”

As mentioned, Jablow brings over 20 years of military leadership experience and with that, a collection of soft skills highly coveted by those looking to hire a top-notch management consultant.

“One of the things you get out of the military is a good understanding of your environment and situational awareness,” he said. “I bring that to the business community. I’m able to listen to clients and understand exactly what they need. The other soft-skill I acquired is to not be reactionary. It’s important to have the patience to think an issue through and understand it before reacting. Another skill is the ability to make a decision and act on it. You’ll see with companies that certain individuals get into decision paralysis where they need more information and they keep kicking the can down the road. However, at some point, you have to make a decision that moves you towards your goals. The other soft-skill that contributes to my success is goal setting. By my nature, I like seeing progress. I set my own benchmarks and KPIs and have discipline to focus on those and move at a pace that makes sense. You’d be surprised at how many organizations don’t have goals or plans to achieve the goals.”

IV Consulting Group works in the small to medium size business space – firms in the 10 to 500 employee range. According to Jablow, these are the organizations too small to have internal resources, but big enough to understand the importance of Leadership Development, Transformation and Organizational Change Management.

When it comes to enjoyment and the opportunities to impact organizations with his consulting services, Jablow shared the following. “As a service oriented company, my greatest enjoyment comes from seeing the people and organizations that we work with succeed. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a call from a client one week, three months or five years down the road and hearing them say that we were able to help them overcome a challenge and now they have achieved their goals.”

Looking ahead, Jablow’s own goals for IV Consulting Group are to grow the business and expand his influence across Florida, but, perhaps the more purposeful goal, is to develop a stable and consistent client base of partners. By providing professional, high quality and consistent service, Jablow wants his partners to come back again and again on a recurring basis when they have new challenges, and they are looking for legitimate solutions. He also hopes they’ll bring their customers, clients and partners with them.”

What advice does Jablow have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Observe. Listen. Decide. Act. Gather as much data as you can, process it and turn it into information that you can use to make decisions,” he said. “Listen carefully to what your customers are saying and not saying, so that you can understand what their needs and goals are for success. From there, make a decision. Use what you have observed and what you have heard to evaluate your options. Then decide. After you decide – act on your decision. Take the steps to achieve your goals and help your clients achieve their goals. Then start the cycle again. Also, throughout the entire cycle, it’s important to build, maintain and improve the relationships you’ve built with your clients and others.”

Jablow added, “I’ve been to over 60 countries. It’s opened my eyes to how different cultures and people can interact, but also how there’s a lot of commonality to the challenges we all face. In the end, we’re all trying to do the same thing. When you understand people at that level, everything else falls into place.”


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