Lesley George

Fort Pierce, Florida

Mosaic, Inc.

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Lesley George:

Originally from Antigua, in the West Indies, Lesley George, Founder of Mosaic, Inc., is on a mission to empower women through multi-cultural events, inspirational books, retreats, coaching and, starting summer 2020, a Podcast series. Ms. George shared the story behind her journey and how her passion for women’s equality and empowerment is fueling a movement in St. Lucie County and beyond.

“I’ve had this vision since I was a kid,” Ms. George said. “Even though we all look different and come from different backgrounds, women are uniquely the same. We all deal with the same issues and challenges in life. The vision behind Mosaic was to create a female empowerment company to motivate, inspire and support the women in our community.”

Mosaic was officially formed in January 2018. Less than a year later, on October 11th, which also happens to be International Day of the Girl Child, Ms. George held her first event. A panel of women, along with a keynote speaker, gathered to share their stories, journeys and experiences. According to Ms. George, the event was a success, but more importantly, it inspired her to do even more.

“The event brought together women of all ages and backgrounds,” she said. “The oldest person on the panel was 78 and the youngest was 22. Our keynote speaker was Gina Duncan, Director of Equality Florida based in Orlando. Having all these women together in one location inspired me to write the book.”

The book, International Day of the Girl: A Walk In Our Life, was co-authored by Stephanie Symonds, founder of Fostering ConNEXTions, and seven other amazing women. The book, which launched on International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2019, brings together the stories and insights from eight unique women.

“We wanted to celebrate the lives of women,” she said. “As women, we wear a lot of hats, but we rarely stop to celebrate. It was important that we shared these stories with the world. Ultimately, we’re trying to impact as many lives as possible.”

Ms. George organized a successful event around the book launch and within days of being published, the book became a number one New Release Best Seller on Amazon – a feat her publisher hadn’t seen in her 10 years in business. Ms. George explained the impact of the book, not only on its readers, but also its authors.

“For these women, writing a chapter is a re-calibration,” she said. “It allows them to think about their life, their childhood experiences, their accomplishments and other goals they hope to attain. After writing a chapter, they feel empowered. That feeling of empowerment positively affects others. It’s a beautiful chain reaction I’m blessed to be part of.”

Ms. George, who still works full time as a Housing Liaison, serves as President of the non-profit COSA Council on Social Agencies of St Lucie and volunteers as the Social Media Marketing and Media Director for her church, shared her thoughts on purpose and how her work is impacting women of all ages.

“We all have a purpose in life,” she said. “I believe that purpose is not an option. Life happens and sometimes dreams get buried, but when you move closer to your purpose you begin to realize it’s not an option. We’re all so busy in our day to day lives, but dreams can still blossom at any age. Following your dreams and recognizing your purpose has a powerful effect on others. It’s like a domino effect. That’s what we’re doing with Mosaic. We’re creating a tribe of women to uplift and celebrate one another.”

Looking ahead, Ms. George would eventually like Mosaic to be a global female empowerment company with representatives in every corner of the globe. She also plans on organizing annual mother and daughter trips and other future events. Most importantly, she wants to create experiences that women will never forget.

What advice does Ms. George have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Make sure you have a plan, but understand that your plan may change,” she said. “Also, seek out a mentor. Find someone that provides you with a ‘brave space’ as opposed to a ‘safe space’. You don’t just want someone to always tell you what you want to hear. You need someone to tell you the truth. My support system is my family. I couldn’t serve the way I do without my husband and three beautiful children. Lastly, it’s important to remember that it’s not always about you. It’s about serving and doing something bigger than you. Even if you’re afraid, keep moving forward. Others are watching you and your hesitation might stop them too.”


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