Linda Mojer

Edgewater, Florida

With Substance, Inc.
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Linda Mojer:

Linda Mojer, founder of With Substance, Inc., launched the company as a way to retake control of her professional career.

"After being downsized twice, I decided I couldn’t depend on a traditional employer workplace any longer," she said. "I was motivated, not necessarily by choice but by chance, to see if I could develop something of my own. I had been a magazine editor for 25 years, and evolved a specialized focus in the shift from print to online media. I continue to bring a classic journalism background to my work, but with a unique design approach to different projects."

With Substance, Inc. is a professional writing, editing, and content management firm that specializes in effective message design, delivered either in hand or on screen.

"I'm a writer with web skills, rather than a web designer who can't write," Mojer explained. "Many businesses have great looking websites, but their content hasn’t been given the same level of attention – and that’s what delivers good, organic SEO. As a professional writer, I’m able to create engaging content that’s both machine-readable and people-friendly, so clients aren’t bombarded by single, repeated keywords just to get search engines to crawl their site."

“On the print side, I’m a writer with design skills, who can develop a clean page layout that guides readers through the most complex material with ease. Being able to combine images and text into a visual roadmap that delivers a solid message is the essence of good communication.”

Mojer's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that it takes strong time management skills to succeed and avoid burnout.

"You really have to know yourself well enough to manage your time and handle distractions," she said. "If you’re not careful, it's easy to get sidetracked by everyday projects, and easy to work well beyond a 10, 12 or 14-hour day.”


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