Lisette Otero-Lewis

Palm Coast, Florida

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Lisette Lewis, founder of 2WebGroup, was helping so many people with their digital marketing just to be helpful that she decided to make a business out of it.

"I worked for nonprofits in the administrative setting when I realized I had this ability to help people with digital business questions," she said. "They were all very receptive to it and I also enjoyed speaking to them in that way. For example, I helped my employer at the time with their website and fundraising which resulted in more than $100,000 raised through my crowdfunding integration. I decided to make it a business since I was doing so much of it unofficially."

2WebGroup provides digital marketing services to small, local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

"I worked in the nonprofit realm for more than ten years and have the full gamut of knowledge of accounting and how the business runs from top to bottom," Lewis explained. "I understand their language and what their needs are. I leverage that when helping them fundraise better and grow."

Lewis's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to follow your passion, get involved in your community and give back to it. She follows her own advice by serving as an ambassador for Tech Soup and event coordinator for Tech for Good.

"Entrepreneurship is a lot of work," she said. "Don’t get into it for the money. Money will come if you do you work well, if you give great customer service and if you give your best. Do it because it’s a passion and you know you'll give your best because you'll work hard. Also find time to give back to the community. The tendency is to stay stuck in your office but you have to go out and network even though it takes time out of your work schedule."


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