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Lori Sandman is the entrepreneur's attorney. "The nature of my practice has always been based in entrepreneurship," she said. "My clients are almost always entrepreneurs in that they're inventors or business people that are building their businesses based on intellectual property. In working with them, I've gained significant experience in creating businesses and creating value for those businesses."

Sandman's law practice focuses on intellectual property including patents, trademark, copyright and trade secrets. "Patent law requires a distinct law license which sets my practice apart," she said. "I also service my clients in all aspects of business law including contracts, business formation and legal counsel related to business."

Sandman's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to use your passion and entrepreneurial fuel. "Remember your inspiration and make sure you bring enthusiasm," she said. "Make sure that passion and a belief in your products and services remains a guidepost as you move forward."

In that, Sandman certainly practices what she preaches. "I believe it is important to work hard and bring value to your clients no matter who they are or where they come from," she said. "Our best service is to help our clients succeed. That is always what drives me. We look to help our clients exceed their goals."
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