Lou Arasi

DeLand, Florida

Electronic Sales and Marketing
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Lou Arasi:

Lou Arasi, founder of Electronic Sales and Marketing is an experienced manufacturing entrepreneur who pivoted his business when much of the American manufacturing migrated overseas.

"I've been in manufacturing for over 30 years so I've taken the experience of building a business, selling products, and developing customers and expanded upon that," he said. "I worked in manufacturing out of college and moved to Florida to open a facility for that company. I left six years later to start my own company because that is what I needed to do for myself. We made wire harnesses. In addition to that company, we started a product identification label company to serve the same electronics market. I parted ways with my partner to start my own contract manufacturing firm doing printed circuit board assemblies, wire harnesses and anything to do with the electronics market. I closed that business when manufacturing went offshore, and was able to bring my existing customers to two of my competitors. I became a rep for those two competitors and added additional lines. It was a smooth transition with no lost revenue."

Electronic Sales and Marketing is a manufacturer's rep firm that brings make-to-print suppliers to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market.

"Having the experience of owning my own manufacturing company differentiates me from a guy who's been in sales his whole life and doesn’t understand the entire manufacturing business cycle," Arasi explained. "It's a whole different animal and I can appreciate my customers' needs for communication more than a sales rep might. Also, my understanding of manufacturing glitches that cause problems allows me to explain issues better to my end customer."

Arasi's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that one thing matters above all.

"Persistence and dedication is what it takes," he said. "Nothing is easy. It's persistence and dedication to what you're doing, and that’s it. I'm constantly on the phone trying to capture more business with existing clients or opening doors with potential new clients."


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