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Born in Orlando, but raised in West Palm Beach, Lucas Ferrer, founder of Hit or Click Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Oviedo, returned to Central Florida to study Marketing at Southeastern University in Lakeland. His first job after graduation was Marketing Manager for a condo-hotel development in Orlando. He did more traditional lines of marketing such as, print ads, events, promotions and advertising. In the early stages of being there, he implemented Google Analytics as a way to more effectively measure advertising ROI. This opened his eyes to the power of data and where things were trending. When the real estate market crashed in 2008, he pursued an opportunity doing internet marketing and SEO work for a lighting and sound company in Tennessee. He eventually made his way back to Orlando and took a similar position with a local company. This is around the time when Ferrer's entrepreneurial inclinations really began to surface.

"I wasn't learning as much as I wanted to," he said. "I called friends and worked on their websites for free. I wanted to get more hands on experience. I got pretty good at increasing traffic to their websites and decided that, in 2014, it was time to start my own business. For the first few years, I kept my day jobs. I worked for a smaller agency and a startup while building out my own portfolio on the side. It wasn't until the startup started having financial issues that I made the jump to focus exclusively on my own business."

In 2014, Ferrer also obtained a Master's Degree from Full Sail University in Internet Marketing. He shared that, at the time, going to work for another company wasn't an option. "Up until last year, I was working remote for 3/12 years with the small agency and the startup. After working remotely for so long, I couldn't see myself doing a 9-5. I'm willing to take on a heavy workload, but I want flexibility. I did look into some remote possibilities, but I knew that I would ultimately be making someone else money. It's honestly not my natural personality to be an entrepreneur, but everything lined up. It was a no-brainer. It was nice too because I didn't have to start from scratch. I had several former clients come with me when I started my own agency."

Ferrer is proud of the relationships he's developed and the fact that his agency stays away from contracts. Through his experience, if you're not producing, you get fired. He doesn't think that the relationship between a client and an agency should be any different. "I saw a lack of communication and way too many contracts with some of the bigger SEO companies," he said. "They were locking people in. That's not how we operate. We do monthly reports and remain very transparent with our clients. As a result, we've maintained a great retention rate."

Looking ahead, Ferrer is committed to maintaining Hit or Click Marketing's community based focus on connecting local companies to their customers online. By employing their skills in SEO, PPC, Website Design and Conversion Optimization, Ferrer and his team take a holistic approach and develop custom strategies for each business they work with. Ferrer wants Hit or Click Marketing to be the go-to digital marketing agency for businesses in Oviedo and feels confident they're in a position to capitalize on the recent growth. His goal in the next few years is to bring someone on-board to take over SEO, allowing him to focus on building out the business. He's not sure what the long-term future holds, but is certain that digital marketing will evolve and that his agency will not be what it is today. "By hiring the right people with a similar vision, I plan to be at the forefront of whatever the future brings us."

What advice does Ferrer have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "You need support," he said. "Whether it's from home, friends or a spouse, you need someone to push you and motivate you. It's not easy in the beginning. It requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment. You'll put in extremely long days to get everything set up. It's also important to be dedicated to your craft and to what you're doing. If you're dedicated, the results will speak for themselves."


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