Matthew A. Parks

St. Petersburg, Florida

Bovsi Studios LLC
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Not wanting to be another 'cog in the wheel' of corporate America, Matthew Parks, founder of Bovsi Studios, made the decision six years ago to start his own agency. "I was working for a very large international marketing firm," he said. "I was one of the better developers, but because I was new and fresh in the game, I wasn't offered the right pay. I've been coding since I was 12 years old. My development skills were well above a junior level, but they didn't see it that way. I was only there for six months, but it was time. I quit cold turkey."

Originally from California, Parks grew up as an Air Force brat, moving 11 times in as many years. In one particular year, he switched schools three times. For a period of time, it seemed as if change was the only constant in Parks' life. When it came time to make a career change and leave a steady job, and a steady paycheck, Parks didn't bat an eye. "When I first launched Bovsi Studios, I started off just doing websites," he said. "Fast and cheap. I did about 20 ads on Craigslist using an automated bot I created. From that, the phone would ring, I'd sell a website and then up-sell them on other services I could provide. It was turn and burn type income. It was good at the time, but I knew I'd have to incorporate other services to build a sustainable and lasting agency. Slowly but surely I added SEO, social media marketing and optimization, some traditional marketing services, content curation, graphic design, branding and more."

Today, Parks has a small and agile team of employees, including his wife, that work hard at providing a unique and very successful method of marketing start ups, established businesses, as well as larger enterprise agencies. Bovsi Studios' methods for making content, pages, and social media posts go viral are something many companies locally have given them accolades for.

We asked Parks about the future of Bovsi Studios and some of the other projects he's involved with. "What marketing is today and tomorrow are two very different things," he said. "Today's average attention span is about 20 seconds, maybe longer if they're really engaged. Marketing is going from how much content you can pump out to how organic of a brand you are. People are jaded from a saturation of TV, radio, newspaper and social media advertisements. It's become so much more about who you are as a brand and what your company stands for. We'll continue to develop Bovsi, and provide real value to our clients, using things like Data Analytics and Big Data to help them reach their customers in authentic ways. That's the trend."

Marketing and coding are not the only two things that Parks has a professional interest in. "About 10 years ago, an online friend first told me about Bitcoin," he said. "When I started thinking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, from an ethics standpoint, it made so much sense. When the economy went down in 2008, I started to put $100 per month into cryptocurrencies. About two or three years ago, I launched as a resource for novice, intermediate and advanced users of cryptocurrencies. I also started doing classes on cryptocurrencies and teaching people how to be profitable, safe and have fun."

Besides cryptocurrency, Parks is involved in another, completely distinct, vertical with similar intentions of providing a safer and more user-friendly alternative to a commonly used tool. Like most early adopters, Parks immediately saw the importance of the 'No More Plastic Straws' campaign and joined a group of advocates to form a new company called Sunshine Straw Co. In a single day, Americans use over 500 million straws. This could fill over 127 school buses. In one year, this would equate to more than 46,400 school buses worth of straws! A lot of these straws, and other plastics, end up in our oceans and take centuries to decompose. Parks and his partners offer a metal straw as a reusable alternative to disposable plastic straws.

Whether it's cutting edge marketing trends, utilizing Data Analytics and Big Data, or alternative solutions to how we exchange currency or how we sip our lattes, Parks' familiarity and comfort with change, has helped to position him as a leader among a generation of young entrepreneurs who are equally as focused on social and environmental impact as they are on turning a profit. It's a refreshing change and one everyone could get used to.


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