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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Matthew Genot:

Mathew Genot, founder of integration, is a serial entrepreneur in diverse industries who is growing his business consulting firm after successfully exiting prior startups in the construction and foreclosure management spaces.

"I have always been interested in professional business services," he said. "I worked in a series of industries to see which I liked the most, from financial planning to recruiting/staffing and from capital funding to quality management consulting. That experience showed me there was a need for a consulting firm with a broader scope because as I worked in each of those industries, I saw I could help my clients in areas outside of what each industry typically delivered."

As a result, Genot founded integration as a one-source solution for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business owners.

"We provide entrepreneurs and companies with a suite of business solutions to help with critical business needs," he explained. "What's unique about our model is rather than having to search out multiple specialists, we provide a one-source solution that begins with our free total business analysis that looks at every department within their organization to assess needs that allow us to develop a strategic plan. Our mission is to partner with our clients to become an extension of their organization and we work with everyone from startups to $100 million companies."

Genot's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and anything on leadership by John MacArthur.

"Never stop learning," he said. "Get a mentor who you can trust. That will be vital and valuable to your business success. There will always be ups and downs and mentors can help you mitigate losses and prevent bad decisions. Set benchmarks for yourself to achieve realistic goals. Beware of growing too quickly if you don't have the proper infrastructure and resources."
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