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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Matthew J. Peters:

Matthew J. Peters, founder of Brilliant Futures Institute, has been an entrepreneur since he sold corn from the family farm on the side of the road. Today, he teaches the many lessons he learned along the way and helps his clients become intentional about creating the future they desire.

"Brilliant Futures Institute educates, equips and connects leaders to create brilliant futures for humanity and our environment," he explained. "Futuring is a little different than goal setting. Goal setting usually looks out one quarter or one year. Futuring looks at where your company will be in 50 or 100 years. It forces us to ask why are we doing this and what are our end goals. From that place you are able to communicate much clearer than someone keeping up with today's trends and competition."

Though futuring can sound vague, Brilliant Futures Institute teaches some very concrete principles. "Futuring is about being visionary. If you don't have a vision, people won't follow you, invest in you or partner with you," Peters said. "Part of the process is imagining the business you want to have in 3-5 years. Walk into the building. Notice what's on the walls. Notice the people in building. Ask them about why they're there. In doing this, you're starting to define things that are already in your mind. You're starting to define and refine your vision. The more you can speak with specificity, the more people can see you've thought out a plan and have a very clear idea of where you're going. Now you can start communicating your marketing and programs in a more compelling way."

Peters advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is based on a lifetime of learning lessons. "Ask yourself would you invest in you and would you be ecstatic about buying your product or service," he said. "If you're doing B2B, understand you're selling money or results. If you say you assist with social media, they'll shop that around. If you say you'll get them 20 more customers, maybe using social media. That's more valuable. Now, you're selling money so that they're swapping a small check for a larger check."


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