Maureen Pamela Brothers

Kissimmee, Florida

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Maureen Pamela Brothers:

Born in New Jersey, but raised in New York, M. Pamela Brothers, Owner of Spickle Fickle, moved to Florida to be closer to family. For the past seven years, she’s worked on the safety, risk assessment and quality side of food manufacturing and production. As an HACCP and SQF Practitioner, her job is to ensure manufacturers are following food safety procedures. In 2018, because of connections made, unique items acquired through travels and a love of quirky and trendy products, she launched a side business dedicated to sharing her passion for distinctive styles.

“I was naturally drawn into this business,” she said. “I started it in New York, but after I moved to Florida, I really started to push it.”

Spickle Fickle is an online retail store featuring inspired designs from Pamela’s travels around the United States. When sourcing products, she looks for unique finds that are, in her words, “ascetically pleasing to the soul”.

“I look for fun things,” she said. “That may be party decor, backpacks, accessories or jewelry. I like to keep it light-hearted and family-friendly. Most of all, I look for ethically-sourced products. I’m even working with some suppliers to possibly make some custom items.”

Working through the standard hurdles that most entrepreneurs face when launching and growing a business, Pamela is determined to grow her brand and she’s optimistic about the future.

“I want to get more involved in the community,” she said. “Building my online presence is foremost, but I’d love to bring a brick-and-mortar version of Spickle Fickle to the community. The idea is to have a place that’s more about the aesthetic than the products. Customers would come in for the experience.”

Pamela continued, “I want to display all the beautiful finds for the local area. I wish to bring a piece of my travels home to the consumer. I enjoy traveling and searching for these unique and fun products. It warms my heart to share my finds with the world. I thoroughly enjoy making people smile and giving back to the community with our unique and fun products and ideas. I also love creating an experience through our products. Ultimately I would love to open a boutique in each county sharing my vision throughout the state and world. Of course – long term – I’d love for this to be my full-time job.”

What advice does Pamela have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “Find your passion and strive for it,” she said. “Don't give up! Also, ask as many questions as possible along the way, don’t be afraid and always be polite.”


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