Mauro and Tina Maglione

Sarasota, Florida

Magellano LLC dba La Dolce Vita Authentic Italian Cuisine

What is your company description and what makes your company unique?

Excellent truly Italian cuisine. Only high level quality food. Fresh seafood, homemade bread, pasta and desserts. Husband and wife running this precious gem .

We came from Italy five years ago to reach our American dream and we did it!! At the age of 55 and 50, we left our country to follow our dreams in the USA, because we knew that this country was a land of a big opportunity. No matter how old you are, if you love what you are doing, only in this wonderful country, you can do and be whatever you dream of! Of course now with COVID-19, everything is different for everyone not just for us, but we have faith and we know it will be good at the end.

How did you get into entrepreneurship?

My husband and I decided to start our restaurant business because we saw that there were so many Italian restaurants in Sarasota, but not truly Italian. Most of them they were more American Italian! Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but our cuisine is not what American people are used to! So our mission was to “tell” our Americans friends that in Italy there is more then Meatballs and spaghetti. We try to reach regular people who are not used to traveling and don't often have the opportunity to try our food in Italy. They can have that now here in Sarasota!! Walking into LA DOLCE VITA, people have the pleasure to eat and enjoy the truly flavor of Italy!

Why do you do what you do?

Because we love doing our cooking. We love preparing our food for our customers and seeing them appreciate what we do. It makes our souls feel as if we've won a million dollars!! Seeing our customers going straight into the kitchen and hugging the Chef because they never tasted something so good - you can't put a price tag on this. These are some of the best moments of our journey.

What tools, resources or books have you used to start and/or grow your business?

Basically Internet, Yelp, Open Table, Trip Advisor and Google Business

Why did you choose to locate your business in Florida?

Sarasota is a wonderful city to live with great and friendly people. It's also safe and secure and Florida is less taxing compared to other states.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Just check if your business will fit in this great and exciting city. Then beautiful people will help you to grow your business if your “product “ is good. Also Word of mouth helps us a lot.

How can other entrepreneurs help you?

Spreading the word to all the people! They will be so thankful to have the opportunity to discover our original restaurant. Mauro (the Chef) and Tina (the baker and the manager), husband and wife, will be thankful to you for the rest of their lives!


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