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Miami, Florida

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Maxeme Tuchman, co-founder of Caribu, which can be described as Facetime meets Kindle for kids, met her co-founder & CTO, Alvaro Sabido, on, a matchmaking site for entrepreneurs looking for co-founders.

"I highly recommend it when you have a technical co-founder looking for a non-technical cofounder," she said. "Our CTO built the product as part of an MBA class project. His group saw a soldier reading to his daughter using nothing but a webcam and thought they could do better. The group broke up after graduation and Alvaro spent time looking for a co-founder with a complimentary set of skills and experience in education."

Enter Tuchman, a startup veteran and former public school teacher and Teach For America Executive Director. Together, they positioned Caribu as an education platform that helps parents, extended family and mentors read and draw with children via a mobile application.

"We have high-quality, globally recognized brands in our bookshelf. We have superior user design, a focus on language and literacy, plus we offer interactive educational workbooks that you can draw on," she explained. "Users tell us stories about visiting grandchildren and using the app to read together face to face and then enjoying the ability to read the same book remotely with the video feature without needing two physical copies of the same book."

Tuchman's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to partner carefully and intentionally.

"The best advice I ever got is to make sure you build your founding team with complementary skill sets," she said. "In my first start up, we couldn't divide and conquer because we both had the same skill set and wanted to play in the same space. Many entrepreneurs outsource engineering but if the foundation of your product is tech then your co-founder has to be technical."


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