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New Smyrna Beach, Florida


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Nick Fairman, founder of GoJuice, is bringing a little bit of the Costa Rica good life to GoJuice's stateside customers with his all-natural, approachable and fun stationary, trailer-based juice bars.

"As much as we offer products, this as much of a lifestyle brand as we can made it," he said. "I'm selling Pura Vida to my customers, which translates to Pure Life and is a Costa Rican anthem or mantra of sorts. Our lifestyle brand is Pura Vida and is based around surfing and health."

GoJuice offers made-to-order, all-natural offerings like juices, smoothies, specialty coffee products and bowls like acai bowls and granola bowls. "One of our most popular products is called banana coffee," Fairman said. "It’s a cold brew coffee blended with banana and a great pre-sport or pre-surf drink."

Fairman did not so much conceive of the business model as fall into it.

"After college, I worked at a tech startup at the UCF Business Incubator," he explained. "I was one of the first 10 employees and the sales engineer travelling fives day a week around the country onboarding users and updating sales directors. It was great experience, but I was getting burned out. I had spent a lot of time in Costa Rica as a kid and I finally returned there after being away for several years. On the beach during sunset, I had a bit of a cliche aha moment and decided I was going to quit and move back to Costa Rica. I flew home that Friday, quit my job, sold my car and all the belongings I owned and was living in Costa Rica with my savings a couple days later with no idea what I would do. GoJuice ws kind of put in my lap by some friends who owned a hotel and had an empty tiki hut by their pool."

From there, Fairman figured it out as he went along and grew the business to the point it has been featured in the New York Times, Conde Naste, Outside Magazine and Vogue. "The first product I sold was the third smoothie I ever made," he said. "The first two were practice smoothies I made the night before I opened. I made $100 that first day and was pumped. The business evolved. I found a trailer online and it blossomed from there."

Fairman's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to cast your hesitations aside. "Just do it," he said. "You're doing yourself a disservice if you don’t. You're doing your country a disservice. We're moving to a less money driven and more of a lifestyle enjoyment economy. Just take the leap. It's a risk not to do it as much as it is a risk to do it."


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