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Born and raised in Miami, Noël de Christian, owner of Noël de Christian Photography Gallery, has worked as a photographer in various capacities for the last 32 years. However, it wasn't until five years ago when Noël decided to pursue his love for photography on a full-time basis. Noël shared the story behind his journey and how his new gallery is reshaping the future of his business.

"Over the years, I've supplemented my income as a photographer through various positions including Office Manager, HR Manager and high-end retail sales," Noël said. "I reached a certain point five years ago when it felt right to go full-time on my business. At the time, I was shooting models and people that needed head-shots. I've since expanded to include more landscape photography."

Noël owned a photography studio in Coral Gables, FL, in the 1990s. At the time, he discovered that most of his work was on-location and decided to close his studio. However, this go around was a little different. Six months ago, Noël found a perfect location to display his beautiful landscape photography and to add some additional revenue streams.

"I've had other gallery exhibits over the years, but it's been a lifelong dream to have my own," Noël said. "Some landscape photographers will use other people's studios to showcase their work, but they give up some control. After looking around, I found the perfect location in Hollywood, FL. It was affordable, had a cool vibe and provided me with opportunities for additional growth."

Noël's landscape photography gallery is located in downtown Hollywood. All prints are limited edition and produced in a large format as to create an immersive feeling of the beauty around us. Also, most prints are printed on metal so they can be hung in moisture-rich environments like bathrooms or even outside. In addition to limited edition and large format prints at affordable prices, Noël's photography classes are adding revenue and helping to set him apart from the competition.

"I have a great venue now, so I thought, 'Why not do some classes to supplement my income'," Noël said. "I started with a class for beginners that encourages people to bring their own wine, have fun and meet other singles. We play music and, while teaching them what makes for a good photo, they make friends and have a great time. Not long after the beginner's class, I added an intermediate class and an advanced class. I took that a step further and added a class to teach advanced photographers how to turn their art into a business. A lot of photographers are great at what they do, but many don't know how to take it to the next level. The business class helps with that."

Looking ahead, Noël, who truly has a love and passion for photography, is focused on increasing the percentage of his commercial work. Whether it's an office or a hotel, he wants to photograph the beauty around us and bring that into people businesses and homes. He's also focused on maximizing the revenue potential of his gallery.

What advice does Noël have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Never stop doing what brings you joy and lets you earn a living," he said. "Also, if not one way, find another way to let others know what you're producing and never give up."


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