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GenCare Resources
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Olive Gaye, founder of GenCare Resources, which is a GrowFL 2017 Florida Companies to Watch honoree, left her job and launched GenCare after seeing the subpar situations she saw some of her close friends encountering when they required home health care.

"I was a human resources executive at the Orlando International and Executive Airport for 13 years when I decided to look into doing something else," she said. "I've always been mentored and protected and loved by elder individuals. I had some very dear friends who needed home care and when I visited them, I saw it wasn't the best situation so I wanted GenCare to differentiate itself by not just caring for the medical aspects but the whole person."

Gaye quickly began expanding her service offerings.

"We started out as a home care company to assist the elderly to live with dignity, but very soon I realized they also needed some medical care and expanded in that direction," she explained. "We are unique in that we care for anybody who needs medical attention from pediatrics to geriatrics. We provide private duty 24-hour health care and also skilled nursing, where nurse goes into home to provide care and then leave. Another area we just started is medical staffing. There's a wide range under the GenCare umbrella."

Gaye is energized and proud of the company being named a Florida Company To Watch.

"To be recognized by GrowFL means a lot to us," she said. "Our industry is not easy at all and when we're recognized as doing something right and recognized for it, that's a boost to us and a shot in the arm that gives us energy to go the extra mile and continue enhancing the process we've put in place. It means a lot to us. It's an exciting time for us. We are thankful for the recognition and very happy."

Gaye's advises aspiring entrepreneurs to do something you are passionate about and assemble a great team to support your endeavors.

"Follow your dream and work hard," she said. "Nothing comes easy and you can't do it alone. Sam Walton says individuals don't win awards, teams do. You have to find the right team to work with you. Make sure the individuals you interview see your vision and embrace that vision because without that, they're someone working just for a paycheck. Then you go forward and bring them along. You grow and they grow with you."


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