Patrick Kelman

Ormond Beach, Florida

Mobile Golf Academy
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For Patrick Kelman, founder of Mobile Golf Academy, inspiration did not strike in the proverbial shower. The concept for his new business was born on his back porch. "It all started with a nice glass of wine sitting on our lanai conversing with my wife," he said. "All of a sudden, the concept came alive and here we are today with a mobile entertainment venue."

Mobile Golf Academy seeks to change the environment for corporate events by creating a full service entertainment venue centered around a mobile, luxury trailer that includes a golf simulator. "We're able to provide full service entertainment. We don't just have one or two or three items to engage people," Kelman explained. "We also can provide any other added entertainment service like a flame thrower, or a mermaid in a shell, or a musician or solo artist. We offer an all-in-one engaging atmosphere that is inclusive yet exclusive."

Athletics has played a formative role in Kelman's life as he progressed up to playing semi-professional soccer competition and later into serving as a professional golf caddy. His long term goal is to earn his senior golf tour card. In the meantime, he is filling a hole he noticed while touring with golf professionals.

Kelman's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to know what you are getting into first and then do not allow detractors to dissuade you. "Do your research and your homework," he said. "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it or it's not possible. I was told seven times that I couldn't put a golf simulator in a trailer."
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