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Patti Guerzo, founder of Guerzo Business Consulting, enjoys leveraging her big business experience to help small business owners succeed and grow.

"I help owners move with confidence, make better decisions and enjoy their businesses," she said. "I help them relieve some of the loneliness of being in that chair. Big business executives have boards and corporate staff to help them, and small business owners have to wear every single hat."

By the time Guerzo left her executive position in corporate America, she had been interested in entrepreneurship for some time, having earned an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship and volunteered to help small businesses.

"I went through an accreditation process to launch my consulting practice and have helped more than 250 small businesses by now," she explained. "I remember in the early days, during one of my meetings with a client I met at a coffee shop, I noticed another patron eavesdropping on our conversation. Immediately after our meeting, she approached me and said she had heard everything I said and needed my help."

After 14 years of consulting, Guerzo's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to be careful with how you plan. "Put your plans in the correct order," she said. "I've seen people spend lots of money to redo a website or logo or sign and all of that money is 100 percent wasted. Doing things in the right order can make the difference between success and failure in certain cases."
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