Patti Tomb

Lake Mary, Florida

Painting With A Twist Lake Mary
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Patti Tomb, co-owner of Painting With A Twist in Lake Mary and two other locations, got into the business with her husband because they wanted a new adventure after his retirement.

"I was not working when my husband retired and we knew we wanted to do something when a friend of ours who owned some stores in Tampa told us about the franchise," she said. "They loved the concept and were having so much fun running it that they felt it wasn't like going to work at all. Our friend walked us through the purchase and opening of one of his stores. Then we went to the corporate office for discovery day and were so impressed with the fun, warm, family atmosphere that we wanted to join the family right away. So far it's been great fun."

Painting With A Twist is a franchise pairs instructional art with friends, wine and a lively instructor to produce individual works of art.

"We provide instruction for people who don’t know how to paint," Tomb explained. "We walk them through the painting step-by-step so they are able to go home with a painting they are proud of and that looks amazing. The twist is you are able to bring your own food, drink and alcohol and it’s a fun atmosphere. Our artists are trained to create an entertaining environment. The most rewarding part is seeing the sense of accomplishment the painters go away with. They all come in saying they can't draw a stick figure and leave amazed at what they did. We had one mother of a teenage son come leave in tears because he really enjoyed it and she found something he wanted to do with her."

Tomb's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to keep your chin up. "Don't get discouraged," she said. "There are a lot of things that get thrown at you that can break your spirit. Keep hanging in there and working toward your goal and eventually it will all work out."


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