Peter Day

Winter Haven, Florida

Performance Assurance Systems
Personal LinkedIn Profile

What is your company description and what makes your company unique?

We manufacture and distribute a one of a kind closed loop port system for HEPA filter integrity validation and provide consultative service to the pharmaceutical industry.

How did you get into entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship has always been something that I gravitated towards right from the early days of my career. Even my roles in the corporate world always relied upon those skills. I have always enjoyed either taking something that was broken and figuring out how best to fix it and make it a viable venture, or taking a raw piece of clay and molding it then building strong teams around the vision and mission.

Why do you do what you do?

Performance Assurance Systems, LLC was born out of a desire to provide practitioners in the sterile compounding industry better and more effective ways to do the every day necessities of practice protecting patients, product, and processes.

What tools, resources or books have you used to start and/or grow your business?

75 years of combined business experience and leadership positions. Our company is comprised of three principles, John Bentley, who heads our quality and engineering process, Dean Pedalino, who heads business development, and Peter Day who heads up operations. John is a licensed contractor by trade and Peter and Dean are both pharmacists which is how we came together to form PAS when we hired John to complete some cleanroom builds.

Why did you choose to locate your business in Florida?

Strategically, our company's three principles each work out of different offices across the state which allows us a strong presence throughout Florida while building our presence nationwide. Polk country gives us financial and logistical advantages as it is centrally located in Florida with very reasonable rents and easy reach to the rest of the state. We certainly realize that there are cheaper materials, and cheaper ways to make our product offshore, we are firmly committed to exhausting every possible resource to ensure that our products are 100% made in the USA.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Be passionate about what you do and let nothing stand in your way.

How can other entrepreneurs help you?

By seeing and understanding the value in what we do and sharing that with others.


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