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Tampa, Florida

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Raj Popuri:

Raj Popuri, CEO and founder of iProcedures, which is a GrowFL 2017 Florida Companies to Watch honoree, immigrated to the U.S. from India in 2000 to earn his PhD in electronics. Now his Tampa based company employs 48 and is growing nationally and internationally.

"After graduation, I worked on sensors for various classified applications," he said. "Later in 2009, I began to feel there was a large need for healthcare innovation that was not being met so when I became associated with Dr. Vindhya and Sai Kossireddy, we decided to do something in the perioperative space because there was a huge gap in optimizing the continuum of patient care."

iProcedures is a perioperative data management system that collects, captures and analyzes patient information throughout the perioperative journey.

"From the point of scheduling, through all phases of perioperative care and recovery, the application seamlessly collects patient data," Popuri explained. "This information is very important for better patient care and outcomes. The application also helps with adherence to clinical protocols and provides more predictable patient care"

Popuri is grateful to be recognized by GrowFL as a Florida Company To Watch.

"This is a huge honor for us and we are humbled to be included," he said. "It gives us more energy and motivation for us as well as the employees. It motivates us to bring in more jobs and revenue to the State of Florida. This country has given the opportunity to realize my dream and now it's my time to give back."

Popuri's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay the course because persistence is what differentiates the successful.

"Persistence will get you farther in life than any talent or education," he said. "Persist in what you believe in and it`s not always about money or connections. It`s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone when it comes to your business."


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