Randy Rowell

Daytona Beach, Florida

One Pass Access, LLC
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Originally from a small town outside of Columbus, OH, Randy Rowell, Co-Founder and CEO of One Pass Access, LLC, has spent his entire professional life working in the healthcare industry. Fueled by a passion to streamline processes and to ensure a safe and secure environment for patients, Rowell struck out on his own in 2016 to form a software solutions company designed around improving our fragmented healthcare delivery system. Rowell shared his story, which started in Philadelphia, PA, and, since September of 2017, continues in Port Orange.

"After earning my Master's Degree in education, my first job was Director with the Institute of Human Performance and Orthopedic Surgery (IHPOS) in Philadelphia," Rowell said. "IHPOS was part of Tenet Healthcare. We worked with the X-Games, the Philadelphia 76ers, police and fire departments. At the time, there was a huge push in Orthopaedic and Neuroscience wellness. That was my first taste of healthcare. From there, I worked for a few different vendor companies that provided various solutions for healthcare organizations. In October of 2014, I went to work for the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa. I was a Manager in charge of contract procurement and vendor relationships. The blended experiences throughout the industry segments lead to better understanding and recognition of industry needs for a scalable industry software solution to connect all of the segmented industries within the healthcare industry."

Rowell, and his late brother, who passed away the day before Thanksgiving in 2017, officially formed One Pass Access in March of 2016. For Rowell, the experience of launching a healthcare startup was, "a blend of all the emotions." Fortunately, he understood the corporate structure and had good industry connections, while his brother had the technical know-how needed to develop the proprietary Business Relationship Management Software. Rowell shared more about One Pass Access and what they're doing to impact the healthcare industry.

"One Pass Access is a Business Relationship Management Software Solution Provider specifically designed to streamline processes between Companies that mutually support our currently fragmented Healthcare Delivery System," he said. "Our innovative solution connects Companies (Clinical Provider Organizations and Vendors/Suppliers) that mutually impact our Patient Centered Care Objectives. We make is easier for Companies to connect, share, obtain, and manage vital business information exchange, streamlining everyone's business operational management process. Our solution is based on years of identifying pain points and doing research to introduce a product that streamlines the entire industry."

In September of 2017, Rowell moved his offices to Port Orange to have better access to I-95. He was doing more and more business along the east coast of Florida and Volusia County provided a good central location. Rowell explained that their customers are any organizations with a vested stake in the healthcare industry.

"Our member roster (Collaborative Network Community) includes organizations that provide products and services across the 'Patient’s Continuum of Care'," he said. "If an organization does business in healthcare, One Pass Access is designed to capture their information. This includes the typical clinical care organizations (Health Systems, Hospitals, ASCs, Physician Practices, Long Term Care, Diagnostic, and Behavioral Health) as well as Vendor Companies (Manufacturers, Distributors, Purchase Services, Banks, Construction, Staffing Companies, Banks, Merchant Services, etc) that collaboratively support our Healthcare Delivery System. On one side, you have healthcare organizations like Advent Health and Halifax. They can't fully function without vendor suppliers. They don't manufacture patient products. As such, they rely heavily on third party organizations. The other side, third party organizations (vendor suppliers) that deliver healthcare vendor products and services, work closely with Healthcare Organizations to ensure great outcomes. We address both sides."

Looking ahead, Rowell, whose mission is to streamline our current fragmented and expensive healthcare system as a way to lower costs and improve outcomes, has a vision for One Pass Access to be at the forefront of providing synergistic solutions to healthcare stakeholders. He's also considering going into other fragmented segments, like oil & gas and the educational security system, and providing similar solutions.

What advice does Rowell have for aspiring entrepreneurs? "Do your legwork ahead of time," he said. "Ask questions and reach out to customers to see if they'll actually use your product or service. The second thing would be to ensure that when you're doing financial forecasting that you plan for the unexpected. I also suggest that you build out your advisory board team. This can be formal or informal. They'll be your sounding board and can consist of friends, family, other entrepreneurs and colleagues."


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