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Randy Wadle, founder of software development firm NetWise Technology, not only knows the difference between working on your business and working in your business, but also knows that both are equally important. Working on your business is doing the work to enable your business to perform at a higher level. Working in your business is simply doing the work of the business like baking cakes for a baker. "We have become more measurement focused over the last four years," Wadle said. "We follow six key strategic indicators including financial metrics, client and employee satisfaction, as well as our most important value, integrity. It's a lot of the reason we've been very successful in the last four years. Things happen less by chance now and more because we're intentional."

The road to success has not always been so smoothly paved for Wadle and his company. He formed NetWise Technology in 1999 during the dot com boom days. "It was easy to be successful back then if you knew anything about computers," he said. "Before I launched NetWise, I worked with Electronic Data Systems and Arthur Anderson doing tech consulting work for large companies. I saw the opportunity in the tech boom at its height and I decided to jump into the mix as well."

After the boom came the bust. NetWise took the hit better than many, managing to survive the lean times and come out the other end intact enough to take advantage of the subsequent uptick. Now NetWise is very focused on serving the market niche of professional employer organizations by providing them with the best customer relationship management (CRM) software customized for their industry. "We're very specialized," Wadle said. "There's not a lot of companies that look forward to competing against Salesforce.com, but in our market, we can compete very favorably against them. We're poised to grow. Who know what future holds, but we've got a bullish outlook."

Wadle advises entrepreneurs to be sure they are doing the right thing for their company and not simply what is trending today. "I've seen a lot of people get ahead of themselves and grow for the sake of growing. Many entrepreneurs seem to think that raising capital is ultimate goal of the business. I would disagree. The ultimate goal of my business is making profit," he said. "Too many people have the wrong values in their business. I've seen them come and go."


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