Ricardo Jose and Ricardo Juan Bueso

Hollywood, Florida

The Thx Co.
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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Ricardo Jose and Ricardo Juan Bueso:

Ricardo Jose Bueso, co-founder of The Thx Co., is inspired by the efforts of many non-profit organizations and is leveraging the power of the marketplace to help them fund their missions.

"The Thx Co. is a lifestyle brand that creates and responsibly sources every day products that our customers can purchase at cost and donate their savings to any non-profit," he said. "We provide our customers the ability and choice to donate to more than 1.8 million different non-profit organizations."

Thx allows consumers to give to non-profits about 30-50% of what they would normally pay for everyday items like coffee. Ricardo Jose, along with brother and father co-founders Ricardo Juan and Ricardo Sr., is positioning Thx to empower the activist consumer.

"We are trying to create a new category beyond using a cause to market a product," Bueso explained. "Our differentiator is beyond how we create products. We're flipping the narrative on the give back economy. You often see companies using cause marketing and they associate one specific cause to a product. We wanted to provide a way for customers to have a high quality product and also get to define the impact. With Thx, the customer chooses the organization to donate to. We want to allow the entire consumer market to support the cause they care about with the beautiful experience that is thanks."

Bueso's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to carefully weigh the opportunity costs of your activities. "Not everything that shines is gold," he said. "Many times starting off you want to say yes to everything and often you should, but you need to take the time to choose wisely and maximize the slight resources that startups have. Re-analyze all opportunities that will require time. Make sure they're directly related to your main revenue stream."


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