Rich Bradley

Orlando, Florida

BBM America
Personal LinkedIn Profile

What is your company description and what makes your company unique?

BBM America is the umbrella holding corporation for family-owned businesses CX Orlando Research and Revenue Architects, Guest Perceptions, Tell Our Team, Social Radar 24/7, Buena Vista Events & Management, Original Orlando Tours, Sights & Eats Walking Tours, Big Deal Pass, Cruise Cantina, Re-Align Web Design and Sunny Perks.

How did you get into entrepreneurship?

I was hired to put my first television network on the air from a group of rough ideas when I was 27. From there I developed other businesses, including businesses within businesses to flesh out synergies and brands. I worked directly for and advised some of America's greatest entrepreneurs including H. Wayne Huizenga, Chuck Dolan, Bud Paxson, Rick Scott and John Rigas.

Why do you do what you do?

Our purpose is in our tagline, "Connecting People with Awesome Experiences". Regardless of the BBM America company's industry vertical, the main function is bring people together with a superlative experience: whether that is through enhancing customer experience, delivering magical moments on a vacation or tour experience, creating a trouble-free website solution or managing events and organizations to perfection, the focus is always on the individual's best experience.

What tools, resources or books have you used to start and/or grow your business?

The BBM Americas companies were all born out of my own personal experiences. I was very disappointed in the few viable resources that are out there for entrepreneurs, and as much as I would enjoy throwing some love out to any of those resources, my success has been completely culled from my own prior journey.

Why did you choose to locate your business in Florida?

My career in TV brought me to Florida and I never left.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

1.) Just because you think it's a good idea, doesn't mean it's a good idea. Flesh it out with people who would know, and don't be defensive when they have valid criticisms.
2.) Be patient. If you can't afford to be patient, you might not be able to afford to launch the business right now. Wait until you can be patient and nurture it without choking it or panicking.
3.) It's not what you know, it's not who you know - it's who knows you, and what do they think of you.
4.) Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. You need a cast iron stomach and a thick skin. It has great advantages, but it also comes with risk. If that is going to stress you out, take the safer route and work for someone else. If you have a good plan and are patient and comfortable with the risk, go for it and don't look back.
5.) If you are on to a good business, the sooner you get started on it, the better. I regret making too many other people millions of dollars when I could have put those same efforts into my own companies sooner.
6.) Keep in mind that some of the best deals you make are the ones you don't make.
7.) Know when to throw the party.

How can other entrepreneurs help you?

Would love to increase my network of other entrepreneurs interested in sharing and growing our mutual businesses.


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