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Seamless Communication Systems
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Rob Gross, partner at Seamless Communication Systems, has always been interested in entrepreneurship. During his 20 year career in communications technology, he made a handful of forays into new ventures but nothing stuck. That is until recently when he joined Seamless. Now, he's enjoying his work much more and realizing a long held goal at the same time.

"I've always been in and around communication technology," he said. "The last five years in the corporate world I was at a telecom carrier selling their solutions. Now, I not only have them in my portfolio, but a hundred others as well. It's a different experience dealing with the client now from a consultative point of view versus that one-size-fits-all point of view. The conversations are a lot more fun to have with the other business owners because ultimately they know I've got their best interests at heart."

Seamless Communication Systems is a full service communications consulting organization helping clients leverage technology from a single point of contact. The three service areas are physical infrastructure needs, such as voice and data cabling, hosted VOIP or on-site phone systems, and lastly assistance with clients' telecom services such as internet and voice services.

"The partners all have a strength in one of our three service areas so we bring all those resources together within one company," Gross explained. "Most companies either focus on just the cabling aspect or just the phone or just the carrier network service piece. We give our clients a seamless lifecycle for all their communication needs. We're also agnostic and independent – certified in multiple phone hosting solutions. We're typically doing deep discovery with clients, learning their requirements and bringing two or three solutions to the table where we choose together with our clients what's best for their organization versus bringing one solution to bear and making one solution fit everyone."

Gross's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to jump right in. "Don't wait," he said. "There's never a good time. It'll be the hardest thing you ever decide to do. You'll work more hours than you ever thought possible, but there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when you have a happy customer and the difference is it's your customer, your company, your brand and you're responsible for making it happen."
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