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Tampa, Florida

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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Rob Romain:

Rob Romain, founder of DRONE PROS, is a teacher who solved his students' attendance problem by incorporating drones into the curriculum and is now launching a business around the same technology that was so successful in his classroom. He also won second place in the Pasco SMARTstart Incubator's 2017 Pitch Competition.

"It all started in my classroom," he said. "I was having attendance issues and wrote a grant for new technology which I used to purchase a drone. Class attendance came skyrocketing up. Over the years, I learned a lot about drones and decided since everyone was asking me questions about them and viewed me as the go-to guy for them, then I should put my skills to use."

DRONE PROS specializes in drone repair and videography and photography for real estate and commercial applications. Romain is also in the process of launching an in-person flight training and drone safety program to leverage his multiple advanced drone certifications.

"My background is our differentiator," he explained. "I've been an educator for 10 years, which gives me the background to work with a diverse population."

Romain's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be credible and honest in your dealings. "Do your research because credibility is important," he said. "Customers appreciate honesty and credibility rather than just making things up like I've seen some competitors do."
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