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Robert Green, co-founder of Central Florida Cloud, is a serial entrepreneur who launched startups in the diverse spaces of photo-bioreactors and business development before moving to IT services with Central Florida Cloud.

"The thing that really got me into entrepreneurship was a project I worked on with CareerSource Brevard called Startup Quest which allowed me to be a team mentor to assist people to commercialize existing technologies," he said. "That was one of the more exciting opportunities to help people with their entrepreneurial ventures. I've translated that into helping more people become successful with their ideas."

Central Florida Cloud helps businesses become more agile and cost efficient with their IT spend, application development, storage, and big-data solutions.

"My a-ha moment occurred during a certification training," Green explained. My partner and I realized the scope and scale and power that Amazon Web Services has to benefit companies in a tremendous way. I can't overemphasize the leverage that a business can gain by migrating to or initially developing on the AWS Platform. We have the ability to leverage our knowledge and experience to transition other organizations easily to get the maximum benefit and architect their solutions in a high-availability, fault-tolerant way that’s cost efficient for the organization."

Green's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is inspiring. "No one is ever fully prepared so the best advice is to just do it," he said. "Just get out there and don't be afraid to make a mistake because you can learn from that mistake, pivot, and do something slightly different and move forward. It's OK if you make another mistake. Just never quit."

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