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Learn about Florida Entrepreneur Rolf Ritter:

Rolf Ritter, founder of People as a Service, is an experienced entrepreneur and author who is taking his own advice. In his book, The Future of Work, Ritter explores the rise of the gig economy and the evolution of the workforce.

His company, People as a Service, represents the next step in freelance workforce platforms. "Our competitors are all self-service concepts," Ritter said. "As a customer, it's up to you to find, select and take the risk on which freelancer to work with. On some of these sites, you'll find 400,000 web designers so selecting one becomes problematic. In our case, we don't make clients do this. We vet freelancers so our clients can trust the results. We're the only solution that really helps small business owners to use the freelance workforce so they can delegate tasks very easily, quickly and securely."

Trust is one of People as a Service's key differentiators. It also understands the resource constraints faced by its small to medium business client base so People as a Service provides additional tools and services to address those challenges.

"Small companies always have the challenge of a long to-do list, but they don't have the time or skills to develop everything," Ritter said. "So what happens is they need more people, but hiring as a small company can be extremely challenging and having all the skills is almost impossible because if you need high level design work, you can't afford them for a small job. We have 2,000 freelancers and we only work with those we know so our clients know they can trust them. If our clients are not sure how to manage the project, then we offer project management services and we also consult with clients on how to best achieve their goals using freelancers."

Ritter's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to read his book, The Future of Work, and the Lean Startup by Eric Ries in addition to getting help along the way. "Have someone join you," he said. "If you don't want or have a co-founder, have one or two advisors who are critical and are open to devoting time to help you."
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