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Blue Dog Business Services
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At 41, Ron Dichter has already launched and sold two successful companies, but is not ready to stop there. Dichter is the founder of Blue Dog Business Services, a credit card processing firm with a twist. "We want to be so much more than just your credit card processing company," Dichter said. "Imagine if someone found all the best individual computer components from all makers and assembled them into the absolute best computer. That's what we do for our clients. We take our industry’s best products, package them together and sell an outstanding product that all work harmoniously together. We've found the best gateways, terminals, etc. and bundle them all into a great package."

Dichter got his entrepreneurial start in college when the web development company he worked for went out of business. "This was in 1995 before websites were cool," he said. "I was working at this company learning the web business, but the company ran out of funding. So my friends and I started our own company called consumerlink when I was 20 years old. We sold it 18 months later."

Dichter's next startup made that look like somewhat of a pattern. He was working for a credit card processing company that subsequently went out of business. You can guess what he did next – he decided to start his own. Dichter grew that company, Eliot Management Group, to more than a $100 million in sales, 350 employees, 28 offices in 14 states and sold it in 2010.

Now, his goal is for Blue Dog Business Services to be its clients' best friend. "The company is named after my son's Blue Dog toy," Dichter said. "One day he lost Blue Dog and was just frantic about it. When I found Blue Dog and returned him to my son, I saw how much Blue Dog meant to him and decided I wanted my company to mean that much to its clients."

Dichter's advice to young entrepreneurs is don't waste your twenties. "You're never going to be as energetic, hungry and mentally motivated as when you're in your twenties," he said. "I wasn't partying my twenties away like so many of today's youth. I was working 15 hours a day building a company." Dichter has a golden nugget of wisdom for those entrepreneurs who are less youthful as well. "Don't second guess yourself," he said.


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