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Born and raised in England, Rosalind Vietri, certified health & nutrition coach and founder of Eat Well Live Well Now, moved to the U.S. in 1998 while managing health spas on cruise lines. Originally based in Broward County, Vietri spent the first 13 years in her new home working as a licensed cosmetologist. She was always focused on health and wellness, but an incident 10 years ago involving a close friend gave her new motivation to commit to an even healthier lifestyle – and ultimately start a new business.

“When my dear friend died of a sudden heart attack, it spurred me to get more into holistic health and nutrition,” Vietri said. “If he was guided differently and had someone to help him focus on his health, perhaps he’d still be alive today. My passion grew from that and having to take care of my mother-in-law while she was battling cancer. During her treatments, good nutrition was extremely important.”

Vietri continued, “I eventually educated myself on nutrition, became a yoga teacher and a personal trainer, and started educating others that the number one trigger for disease is inflammation, which can be caused by a number of different things. However, regardless of the cause, a strong immune system can decrease inflammation and reduce disease. You can build a strong immune system through proper nutrition and exercise. It really comes down to a lifestyle change. That’s what I focus on.”

In 2019, after Vietri’s daughter graduated from high school and went off to college, she and her husband relocated to St. Lucie County to be closer to his family. Since moving, Vietri still makes a weekly commute to Broward County to do hair for her loyal clients. However, she’s more focused than ever on expanding Eat Well Live Well Now and sees nutrition, health and wellness coaching as her true passion and an area where she can make the greatest impact.

“I’m finally able to focus on building my ‘baby’,” she said. “I’m gaining more and more traction as more people become aware of their own health, but are often unsure of what to do. They’re looking for alternative health options, but don’t know where to go.”

As Vietri shared, the process for ‘onboarding’ a new client starts with an initial 30 minute consultation to understand current health and nutrition levels and establish goals. Based on that information, Vietri tailors a program that incorporates personal training, yoga, nutrition and the elimination of certain foods. Much of her recommendations are centered on a plant-based diet.

“A plant-based lifestyle is the leading lifestyle for preventing and reversing disease,” she said. “It’s also low in saturated fats and high in fiber. I give my clients a guided plan and meet with them on a week to week basis to support them and act as their cheerleader and coach.”

Vietri reaches her clients through a variety of methods including, social media marketing, website content, private yoga sessions, networking and putting herself out into the community. She also currently serves as the Health and Wellness Director for the Pelican Yacht Club, an opportunity that provides her with increased exposure.

For Vietri, who simply enjoys helping her clients feel better and live healthier lives, her future goals are to continue growing the business. She’s planning to “cut the umbilical cord” on her cosmetology side-business by the early part of next year to focus exclusively on Eat Well Live Well Now. She’d also eventually like to have a physical location that offers cooking classes, yoga, wellness coaching and nutritional counseling all under one roof.

What advice does Vietri have for aspiring entrepreneurs? “It’s definitely worth the risk,” she said. “Also, don’t ever give up. It may be difficult at first, but when it’s your time, everything will be gifted to you and it will happen.”


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