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Rose Lawless, founder of Your Office On Call and Gypsy Rose Free, is an entrepreneur at heart with a knack for helping people get what they want out of life. In 2010 she launched Your Office On Call, a virtual assistant business geared towards helping contractors and subcontractors with marketing, website design and various other administrative tasks. "When the economy crashed in 2008, subcontractors were coming in and telling me they had to layoff their admins and that's where I saw an opportunity", Rose revealed. For the past seven years, this opportunity paid the bills and also allowed Rose the freedom to explore other avenues for income.

Rose wrote and published two 200+ page marketing handbooks for contractors and subcontractors. The books are guides for how to advertise their business, build websites, get on social media, work with the government, look for bids and how to do bid proposals. "The first week the book was out, I got an email from a contractor in Tampa. He asked to meet and invited me to a networking event with other contractors and subcontractors. From that event alone, I pulled in twelve new clients," said Rose.

When the construction industry started to come back, Rose did what most good entrepreneurs do and decided to pivot. She shifted her attention from the contractors and subcontractors to anyone looking for similar services. That's when she discovered Fiverr and spent nearly two years building a reputation and providing her services to clients across the U.S. and beyond. She now has an international clientele doing market research.

The spark that ignited Gypsy Rose Free came during one of the many business advisory and mentoring sessions Rose attended as a volunteer at her daughters magnet high school. "One of the other parents asked me what I'm going to do when my last kid graduates." Rose said she wasn't sure but that she's always been sort of a gypsy and she's always done her own thing. Rose said, "I'm a born teacher and my purpose in life has always been to help people get to the next level." With that, the idea to launch a website that provides free advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, along with paid online courses and workshops was born.

The free content at GypsyRoseFree offers advice on what type of online businesses to choose, social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing and self-publishing. The paid content will, for example, help you take your blog to the next level. Rose will host her first international workshop in the coming weeks. She's traveling to Kenya, Africa, to present the topic of starting a new business to Kenyan women's organizations. She'll kick things off with a vision board workshop where she'll encourage attendees to create visual depictions of what they want to accomplish in life and where they see themselves and their businesses.

Rose offers some great advice for entrepreneurs. "Don't buy every shiny thing that shows up! Don't believe everything that people say. Think things through before you act." She's also a proponent of reading and recommends the following books, Awakening Your Inner Genius by Sean Patrick and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D.Wattles. In terms of local resources, Rose has utilized the Small Business Development Center at Palm Beach State College, SCORE and her local Chamber of Commerce.